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Welcome to the Dragon Ball Z vs GT Arena

Welcome to the Dragon Ball Z VS GT tournament, <insert name here>. Enter if you dare, this is a team role-playing wiki, and a Dragon Ball database. You can write fan-fictions, role-play, and have fun, if you dare. Please do not ask to become an administrator, chat mod, or roll back, or a bureaucrat. We will give you the rights if you gain our trust and/or respect.

Please read the Dragon Ball Z VS GT rulebook prior to editing and/or chatting. We thank you for joining our tournament.

Today is October 30, 2020 21:44.

Wiki News

This is the Wiki news. For more updates, go to the Updates board on the forum.
  • February 7, 2013: The new logo and skin was released. Team Z, Team GT, Team AF, and Team Dragon Ball started operation. </font>


The chat has finally been established and to the staff thanks you for being here. We will try to make this a joyful experience for anybody who enters. We are delighted that you have came and if you are awesome, and I mean very, very awesome, you will be upgraded into a chat moderator; however, if you cuss regardless of the severity of the word then you will get kicked or banned.

Joke of the Week

"Hey dude, Where's Washington D.C?"
— Samuel

"In the edge of Crazyland."
— John

— Samuel


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