Power Ball (パワーボール) is an energy sphere used by Saiyans to mimic the presence of a full moon.




By combining ki with the planet's atmosphere, a sphere of condensed Blutz Waves is created. Using this, a Saiyan can achieve the Great Ape transformation even when a full moon (or similar planetary body) is not present. However, using the technique is apparently very tiring, so even Saiyans that can use it prefer to transform using a planetary body (Vegeta mentioned to Goku that he planned his trip to Earth to coincide with the full moon in an attempt to avoid using the technique).

A Power Ball was first used by Vegeta during his battle against Gokuin the Dragon Ball Z episode "Saiyan Sized Secret". This same Power Ball would later be used against Vegeta when Goku tellsGohan to look at it to transform.

[1]Turles' Power BallAdded by Jeangabin666

In a flashback told by Dodoria, an unnamed Saiyan is seen performing the technique for him and his comrades to transform into Great Apes.

Turles performs this technique in the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might to make Gohan transform into a Great Ape and attack Goku, and destroys it afterwards to prevent himself from transforming. Thanks to Icarus, Gohan apparently gets control over his Great Ape form and attacks Turles. Turles then tried to attack Gohan, but Goku managed to cut off Gohan's tail in time and save him from Turles' Kill Driver.

Appearances in Video GamesEditEdit

[2]King Vegeta holding a Power Ball in Budokai Tenkiachi 3Added by FourStar

In the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series, Vegeta, Turles, and King Vegetacan use the Power Ball to transform into a Great Ape at any time, while other Saiyans with tails must be on a stage with a full moon in order to transform (RaditzNappaBardockFasha, and Kid Goku). Bardock is amongst those that require a full moon, which further goes against the Ocean Dub stating he invented the technique.

In a cutscene in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, when Vegeta launches the Power Ball, it is yellowed colored.


  • Exclusively in the Ocean Group dub of the anime, Vegeta states that Goku's father (never referred to by name) invented the Power Ball technique, calling him as an "average fighter but a brilliant scientist". This was obviously an error as in his TV Special, Bardock is shown to be a soldier, not a scientist, although Vegeta may simply have meant that Bardock had an excellent scientific mind as well as being a fighter.
  • Even after Turles destroys his Power Ball in The Tree of Might, Gohan is still a Great Ape, which hints that the effects are long-lasting.